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The Performance Marketing Tools Included even in the FREE package
28 Oct 2015

The Performance Marketing Tools Included even in the FREE package

Yes, our culture is different and our software is much more than just a SOFTWARE which track affiliate affairs keeping fraudsters away and delivering best insights of the marketing optimization.

When you come to us, we provide you with everything you need to give your affiliates so that they can enjoy being in your network. It is to provide you with the peace of mind that you are not going to buy a content locking script so that your affiliates can monetize incentive campaigns. Moreover, there are popup ads and banner rotator also to entertain mega monetization of traffic. Yeah.

It is Content locking, Video Locking and Social Locking that our customers are leveraged without any extra cost thereof. Even a FREE package includes all these tools without any additional or hidden cost.

Why Content Locking FREE?

This is the most common question we get from our clients. So, Here is the answer.

Content locker is the need of the hour and the revolutionary way of monetizing content. Most of the networks who provide their affiliates with content locking tools are depended upon a third party content locking script which has a integration with their tracking software. And our packages includes content locker and video locker inside the room.

Content locking is a tool which can be used by an Affiliate and that’s why it can be seen only in Affiliate dashboard.

You Must be Joking man? Mobile Content Lockers without any extra cost! Unbelievable

Yes, our content lockers are responsive and mobile friendly. It is very easy to configure and use on your own domain also. This way you can monetize mobile traffic with content lockers and all this does not have any hidden or additional cost.

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