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Offersspot for Affiliate Networks, media Buyers and Advertisers
30 Oct 2015

Offersspot for Affiliate Networks, media Buyers and Advertisers

Offersspot: with a unique and vast package of tracking services offers affiliate network tracking software for everyone. For Advertisers and for Affiliate networks, for Super affiliates and media buyers, our solutions are affordable for all.


And apart from our paid services, FREE package is there for all in sundry to come and have an experience with our affiliate network tracking software.  This is to encourage startups getting in to start a new affiliate marketing business where they have sub affiliates to work under them to work and monetize their app or website with content locking (incentive CPA campaigns) and gain some profits for them.



1. Empowering Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks can start with offersspot very easily to provide their publishers and advertisers a brand new user interface and publisher dashboard which has build-in content locker and video locker.

  • Control everything from admin dashboard
  • Accept advertiser and publisher signup (approve and suspend them based on interviews and your own screening process)
  • Add offers and control it with the ultimate powers of three kind of campaigns (Public, Private and Premium)
  • Public offers are visible and can be promoted by all the affiliates in the network while private offers are only available for promotion after getting approval from affiliate manager or admin.
  • Separate dashboards for Advertisers and affiliates
  • Real time reporting with comparative data to decide your marketing strategies and base them on data driven insights
  • Affiliate activity intelligence , fraud alert and fraud score to prevent fraudsters who promote campaigns fraudulently and generate revenues unduly.
  • Open content locking only for incent offers and non-incent offers will not be visible in content locker.
  • Add email creatives, banners , text ad and more promotional material from admin dashboard to help affiliates monetizing better while affiliates can also submit their own creatives
  • Access your network’s back office from anywhere from any device and from any browser


2. For Advertisers and Media Buyers

It can work like an marketing management tool for media buyers and advertisers to track revenues and expenses in real time with intelligent insights to help in optimizing your marketing.

  • One stop destination to track your overall expenses and revenues
  • Data driven marketing insights for intelligent performance marketing
  • Match your marketing with the affiliate marketplace to prevent yourself being the victim of a scam by your sub affiliates
  • Pay for performance and see where the expenses occur fairly
  • Accept and reject leads and sales based on your criteria and filtering.


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